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4 on 4 Summer Skills League FAQ


When does the League start?

Although there are a few important dates leading up to this, the first game of the regular season begins the 1st or 2nd week of May, and wraps up in early July…Playoffs and championships usually conclude by the last week of July. The regular season is a 12 game schedule.

Are there playoffs/champions?

Yes, there are playoffs and champions. This has tended to vary from season to season - depending on how many teams there are per division. As of now, the top 4-6 will advance to playoffs, and will be a single round elimination. Champions will receive BarDown branded sweatshirt!

Who can play?

Any HS-age player who is graduating in 2022 is eligible. We will start the season off, and about 5 weeks into the season, we will split teams into equally competitive divisions, which is usually based of JV and V aged teams…though there have been cases where weaker V teams will play down against JV teams(and vice versa), assuming the matchup is ok.

How much is it?

The 2020 season will cost $315/per player - ($290 if paid in full at the time of registration). Goalies are $200, but all teams are required to carry 2 on their roster, assuming there are enough registered.   


Do I receive a jersey?

Each player will receive a team CCM jersey and Socks. This will be given before the first game, where all players are required to check-in, check insurance, and pay any balances if need be. No players will receive a jersey who are not paid in full, or uninsured.

Do you have to be insured?

ALL players are required to be insured through AAU Insurance..some players already have this from other teams that operate under AAU, which is accepted in our league. If they do not have currently, the fee to sign up is around $17. Players will not be allowed on the ice, unless they are insured. The insurance number is required to fill out our BarDown application, so please be sure to do this prior to signing up for the league.

When are games played?

Games are played on Fri, Sat, or Sun only, in Prime Ice slots - unless there is a makeup game needed. Games are played at both Holiday & Leisure Rinks.  We will take team requests for certain days or specific rinks, but cannot guarantee all requests throughout an entire season. Any requests for Graduations, Graduation parties, or Proms must be submitted by the Head Coach as soon as they are known, as the summer does not leave much flexibility once games are scheduled. 

How are teams formed?

Players are eligible to register and request a team/friend to play with, or they can register on their own, with no team affiliation. For the kids without team affiliation, we run an evaluation skate to see these players. From there, they are placed throughout the league, on teams in need, or with openings. Coaches are allowed to bring in an entire team, in which case, no player would need to be at the evaluation skate…But should you submit your roster, and only have 14 players, you may get placed players from the league, that had no affiliation. There is no way around taking on individual apps, unless your TEAM roster is full. This may include a goalie if you only had one brought in with the teams.

Are there team practices?

We do not supply team practices for teams in the league. Should you want to get ice for practices, we offer the ice at a reduced rate of $125/hr. Should you want to do this, the Head Coach coach can contact me directly with the best days/times, and I will see what is available.

How do I coach a team? 

To join as a Coach please complete the APPLICATION. We require all head coaches to be at least level 1 USA Hockey certified. Assistant coaches do not need certification. Head coaches will receive a store credit for the season of coaching…this varies on your coaching certification level but is around $300. The HEAD coach also picks one assistant coach to receive a $50 credit. This assistant is expected to be reliable, and able to fill in and handle the bench, should the head coach be absent.

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PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A NO FIGHT LEAGUE!! Should a player be removed from a game for Fighting, that player will be expelled from the league, without a refund….NO EXCEPTION - Even if it's the first game. Expulsion also will occur, if a player receives 3 Game Misconducts throughout the season - the same result, loss of refund.