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Pre-Pepsi Kids Beginner Program


This unique program is designed for those skaters (Ages 4-12) who have gone to 1 or 2 Beginner Clinics and can skate independently.

The 8 ice sessions will feature continued skating instruction, drills, and some Half-Ice game situations.  This is the perfect warm-up if you plan to register for the TEAM PEPSI KIDS program which will begin JANUARY 17, 2021

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  Skates and a helmet (certified ice hockey only) with facemask are required for the first 2 sessions. (If needed, the rink will provide these at no charge.)  You will need to bring gloves (winter mittens can be used) and a stick.  All players will then need FULL Equipment for the remainder of the program beginning NOVEMBER 22.  The rinks offer a Complete Line of Beginner Equipment!  Call our Hockey Shops for the details or visit our online store.

If you are a qualified Coach and are interested in participating please email Tim Driscoll Program Director.


TEAM #1 James Colby* 716-444-1333
TEAM #2 Ed Rowland 716-940-3804
TEAM #3 Paul Thompson* 716-341-1647
TEAM #4 Colby Breidenstein 716-465-4916
TEAM #5 Lukas Gill 716-359-6083
TEAM #6 Nate Miller 716-940-3804