updated October 28, 2016

1.  How do I sign up? You can register for the program online through this link or by completing one of the forms available @ either Hockey Shop.

2.  Is there a cost to register?  There is NO cost to register, NO obligation and NO annual fee.

3.  How does the Power Play Loyalty program work?  For every dollar spent on Hockey Shop and Snack Bar purchases, you will earn 5% Loyalty Cash. This Cash can be redeemed at ANY time, on ANY item we sell at the Rinks.  Once you are registered all you need is provide your last name and your purchase(s) will be credited with the Loyalty Cash earned.  We will also notify you by email of special Double LOYALTY cash offers that will be made available throughout the year.  Points will also be earned on Clinic, League and Program registrations.

4.  What Purchases are included?  All equipment items count in the Power Play program, including skate purchases, skate sharpenings, and tape etc.  Rink programs such as Beginner Clinics, Spring Hockey League and Pepsi Kids are eligible and will earn a fixed point value.  Even purchases made in our Holiday & Leisure Grilles count!

5.  Are there any purchases that will not count towards my Point Total?   Ice time rental payments, Team equipment purchases, Tournaments & Senior Hockey payments will not earn Loyalty Cash.

6. Can my Family have more than 1 Account?  Yes, but it makes more sense to utilize a single "last Name" account so that your Loyalty Cash will accumulate quicker.  Accounts cannot be combined to increase value.

7. How do I know my Current Loyalty Cash total?   When you make a purchase at the Hockey shops or the Grilles your Loyalty Balance will be available to see or use.

8.  How do I use a the Loyalty Cash I have earned?  When you have available Loyalty Cash, and are making a purchase at the rinks, you will have the option of applying your Loyalty Cash to that purchase.

9.  Can I use Loyalty Cash when making an online Purchase?  As of this time Loyalty Cash can only be redeemed at Holiday and Leisure Rinks.  Not online.

10.  Why are you changing your current Customer Discount program?  You spoke and we listened.  To better serve all of our customers we have changed to this new, easier to use Loyalty Cash program.