Pointstreak Registration Information

All Captains MUST register their TEAM online thru Pointstreak. 

AFTER a Captain has registered his team, he should advise his players of the Team Name (Will include a team #) and then Players then MUST register for the new season online and select the correct TEAM Name. This will place you on the roster. If your team is not listed then your Captain should be contacted and told to REGISTER on Pointstreak. This will OPEN up Registration for that team's players.


This is how team rosters are populated.  We cannot ADD players to a team.  During the registration process ALL Captains and Players MUST upload a MUGSHOT "selfie" that will be used as your MOLSON Adult League ID. Please note that players photos MUST be approved by the League.  If they are not approved you will not be added to Team Roster and will need to go thru the Registration process again.

If you plan to participate you MUST register through Pointstreak at least 2 days prior to your game to allow for photo approval.  Failure to follow this request will result in suspensions, and a forfeit for any games played with players who are deemed "illegal" as a result of not being assigned in time.