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Pepsi Kids Beginner Program


ages 4-8 & 9-13

Begins with our Player Evaluation Sessions
ALL players will need FULL equipment to participate.
Beginner Hockey Equipment Packages


The 2021 "Pepsi Kids" TEAM program will begin with our Evaluation Sessions in January for our 2 Divisions (ages 4-8) & (ages 9-13) and is a terrific introduction into the fundamentals of ice hockey and team play. This program is designed for those skaters who have attended 1 or 2 of our NEW ERA  Beginner Hockey Clinics or are able to skate on their own without the aid of a "walker". All participants will receive a total of 14 ice sessions and a FREE Pepsi Kids TEAM Jersey with Matching Socks. The program will include practice sessions and 1/2 Ice games. Skating instruction, as well as basic positioning and team strategy, will be covered. Coaches are on the ice during all games. This is a FUN program where winning is NOT emphasized.  Practices and Games will be played at BOTH Holiday Twin Rinks and Leisure Rinks.

  • The program also includes (3) FUN "Tournament Games" at the end of the season.  
  • Plus a Kids vs Parents Final game with a FREE Team Pizza Party to follow!

Evaluation Session: The first session will be an evaluation session where all players will be rated A, B or C liners and then assigned to teams. This will create balanced play as during games "A" lines will compete vs. "A" lines and "B" vs. "B" etc. (Please report 15 minutes before your on ice time as per the schedule below)