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Holiday & Leisure Rink Managers

Chris  Roswell

Chris Roswell

Leisure Rinks General Manager

Spencer  O'Neill

Spencer O'Neill

Leisure Rinks Asst Manager / Team Sales

Cam Turner

Cam Turner

Leisure Hockey Shop Manager / Buttendz BSS League Commissioner / NE Beginner Clinic Director

Matt Boehringer

Matt Boehringer

Resurgence Rec League Commissioner/Manager of the Hockey Connection at the West Seneca Town Rink

Chrissy  Rombkowski

Chrissy Rombkowski

Holiday Rinks Manager / Team Sales / Pepsi Tourney Director

Tyler Jones

Tyler Jones

Holiday Hockey Shop Manager / On-line Sales director

Kathy  Sadowski

Kathy Sadowski

Holiday Twin Rinks Office Manager / Accounts Payable and Receivables

Mark  Grundtisch

Mark Grundtisch

Holiday-Leisure Rinks Owner

Jim  Bender

Jim Bender

Holiday Twin Rinks Building Supervisor, Director of Ice Making and Maintenance