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Holiday & Leisure Rink Managers

Paul  Grundtisch

Paul Grundtisch

Leisure Rinks General Manager, Hockey School Director, Ice Time Scheduler

Chris  Roswell

Chris Roswell

Leisure Rinks Assistant Manager, Director of Hockey Programming

Kathy  Sadowski

Kathy Sadowski

Holiday Twin Rinks Office Manager, Accounts Payable and Receivables

Spencer  O'Neill

Spencer O'Neill

Senior Hockey & High School Stars Commissioner, Team Sales Coordinator

Mark  Grundtisch

Mark Grundtisch

Holiday Twin Rinks General Manager, Webmaster, Pepsi Tourney Director

Charlie  Salamone

Charlie Salamone

Holiday Twin Rinks Assistant Manager, New Program Development, Sponsorships

Jim  Bender

Jim Bender

Holiday & Leisure Rinks Building Supervisor, Director of Ice Making and Maintenance

Chrissy  Rombkowski

Chrissy Rombkowski

Administrative Assistant / Teams Sales Coordinator / Pepsi Tournament Director