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POWER PLAY Points Program FAQ

How do I Register?  It's EASY! Just stop into either Hockey Shop and provide your name and email! Or Register Online @ Our Hockey Connection online store!

Is there a cost to register?  There is NO cost to join the program, NO obligation, and NO annual fee!

How does the program work?  For every dollar spent you will earn 1 POWER PLAY POINT. For every 100 points achieved you will earn a $5 Reward.

What Purchases are included?  ALL equipment items count, plus skate sharpenings, and tape, etc.  Any purchases made online at TheHockeyConnection. Plus, Rink programs such as Beginner Clinics, Spring Hockey League, and Pepsi Kids are also eligible and will earn a fixed point value.  Even purchases made in our Holiday & Leisure Grilles count!

Are there any purchases that will not earn POWER PLAY Points?  Yes, ice time rental payments, Team Sale purchases, Tournaments & Senior Hockey payments will not earn any Points.

Can my Family have more than 1 Account?  Yes, but it makes more sense to utilize a single account so that your Point Balance will accumulate quicker.

How do I know my Current Point Totals?   When you make a purchase at TheHockeyConnection online or in-store, or one of our Grilles your Point Balance will be available to see.

How do I use the REWARDS I have earned?  When you have an available $5.00 Reward and are making a purchase at the rinks or online at The Hockey Connection, you will have the option of applying your Reward to that purchase. NOTE: You must use the entire $5.00 reward at once.

Can I Redeem my REWARDS on Ice Time? No, excluded from earning and using Rewards are Ice Time payments, Senior Leagues, Team Sales, and Pepsi tournament.

Can I Redeem REWARDS when making an online purchase?  Yes, Rewards can be redeemed at Holiday & Leisure Rinks AND at TheHockeyConnection, but not when registering for an online program.