The League will operate under USA Hockey rules, along with the following league guidelines.

  ** Any team that fails to arrive for their scheduled game, or attempts to cancel with less than one week notice, will incur a $200 forfeit fee, NO EXCEPTIONS! ** 
  1. The Commissioner reserves the right, at any time (even after the completion of a game), to forfeit the game of any team that is deemed non-compliant with these league rules, whether protested by the opposition or not..
  2. After the schedule has been posted, teams will be allowed two weeks to make any changes that they did not make the league aware of beforehand.  WE WILL NOT RESHEDULE GAMES (PARTICULARLY PLAYOFFS) DUE TO YOUR TEAM'S ENROLLMENT IN A TOURNAMENT, OR IF THE SABRES ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS, (without the appropriate notification).
  3. ALL game misconduct penalties will involve a player being removed for the balance of that game, as well as sitting out the next scheduled game
  4. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited from the bench/rink area!  Any player caught drinking in the immediate vicinity of the rink or bench, before or during the game, will not be allowed to play.  Furthermore, if a player who is caught playing while intoxicated by the officials, said player will be removed from the game, and be assessed a game misconduct penalty. Any team that continues to violate this rule will face expulsion!
  5. ALL players participating in the Molson Old Tyme Hockey League must be at least 18 years of age, and are required to obtain USA Hockey insurance.  If a player skates with another team at a different facility, proof of USA Hockey insurance is mandatory, and they must still obtain a Molson Old Tyme Hockey League ID.  Each player  must register on-line through the USA Hockey website, then copy the confirmation number into the Pointstreak individual player registration, where everyone must also upload a photo (that must be approved by the commissioner), in order to be assigned to that team's roster.  Players not registered days before their games, or not approved, will be ineligible for participation since they will not appear on the game sheet, and will be treated as an illegal player if they participate in any league game.
  6. Pucks AND players are not allowed on the ice while it is being resurfaced!  For insurance purposes, the zamboni drivers are instructed to leave the ice if players are not adhering to this simple rule.  Any team who repeatedly refuses to follow this procedure will be subject to additional league discipline.
  7. All games will begin on time, and any team that attempts to delay the start, will suffer a bench minor, or ultimately, a forfeit loss.  Following the exit of the zamboni, the timekeeper will place 3 minutes on the score clock for warm-ups.  If there are not a minimum of six players at the conclusion of this time, a bench minor will be assessed and if there still is not enough after 5 more minutes, the game will be declared a forfeit.
  8. Roster sheets are now completed on-line, with Pointstreak registration, which will be found on our "Senior Homepage".  Your initial roster can allow for additions, since the rosters are not frozen until December 31 for the fall season, and the fifth game of the spring/summer sessions.  Each roster is allowed a maximum of 20 players (including goaltenders), and any changes need to be submitted to the commissioner (in a timely manner) before your next game.  Furthermore, each team cannot have more than one player listed on another roster.   Also, there cannot be more than one division of separation (i.e. someone on a B division team is prohibited from skating with a C3 or lower team).  Captains will be notified of any violators, at which time they will be given the option of moving their team up to become compliant, or removing the "illegal" player from their roster.
  9. Beginning September 2014, ALL teams will be required to have matching jerseys, with different numbers for all participants!!  There will be no exceptions, and any violations will result in a forfeit loss, so make every effort to become compliant as quick as possible, and alert the commissioner with any delays your team is facing in meeting this requirement
  10. Illegal players will not be tolerated!  These will include;   
    1. Any player without a numbered jersey,  
    2. Two players with the same number
    3. Any player not wearing the same color jersey, 
    4. Any player under 18.
    5. Any player without a current/valid ID, 
    6. Playing under someone else's jersey number.
    7. Anyone playing while suspended (Offending player will removed from the league for a period of not less than one calendar year).    Violators of this rule will suffer a forfeit loss, and offending captain will be suspended.  For the second violation, teams will face further discipline, including expulsion from the league.
  11. A team may use a goalie not listed on their roster (from the goalie pool), provided they have received permission before their game from the commissioner.  Upon approval, said goalie will be added to the roster to avoid any protest for "illegal player".
  12. ALL protests must be made during the course of the game, and be sure that the scorekeeper makes the notation in the Pointstreak system.  Do not attempt to make a protest once the game is complete, or contacting the league the next day.  If a protest is being made regarding an illegal player, if that participant is removed before the end of the game, any goals will be deducted, and the game can continue.
  13. FIGHTING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!  Any player who is assessed a five minute major for fighting will automatically incur a FIVE game suspension.  (this is not up for debate, so please do not call the rink in an attempt to reduce your suspension).  For the second offense, that player will receive a ten game suspension, with a third receiving one calendar year removal from the league.  If a goaltender is assessed a fighting penalty during a game, play will continue with six skaters, and the opposing team not allowed slap shots.
  14. Likewise, game misconducts will also increase for repeat offenders!  The first offense = 1 game, receiving another game misconduct (within a 12 month period beginning with the fall season) will result in sitting 2 games, and a third will then double to four games.  Anything after this will result in a hearing, with possible expulsion from the league as a result.
  15. Suspensions will be served with the team that the player received it with, regardless of how many teams they play on, and their return date that is listed on the suspension page is the first day they are eligible for play.  Example: player A receives a game misconduct on Sept. 22 with Team # abc, and their next game is Oct 11, his return date will be Oct 12.  If he participates on two other teams, and they have 4 games scheduled, he cannot play in those games.
  16. Any player who physically abuses an official in any way faces permanent expulsion from the league!  Verbal abuse of a referee, or scorekeeper, will result in game misconducts being assessed. Any match penalties will require a hearing, within 30 days, before reinstatement.  Any player caught playing while under suspension will automatically be removed for one calendar year!
  17. When a team forfeits a game, as a result of a protest  of any of the above mentioned scenarios, the opposing team retains all points scored, and the offending team losses all of theirs.  If the forfeit is  a result of one team not showing up for their scheduled time, the result will be recorded as a 1 - 0 score.
  18. In order to be considered eligible for the playoffs, a player must participate in a minimum of ten games in a 20+ game schedule, or six games in any season with less than 20 games.  Players who do not meet this criteria will not appear on the Pointstreak roster at gametime, and any attempt to play will be deemed as an illegal player, with the aforementioned consequences.  IT IS THE CAPTAIN'S RESPONSIBILITY  (as well as the player in question) TO MAKE SURE ALL PLAYERS ARE IN COMPLIANCE OF THIS RULE, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL PLAYOFF TIME TO CORRECT MISSING GAMES PLAYED, we will only use the numbers listed on your pointstreak roster.  There will be NO exceptions!
  19. The end of the season standings will be determined by the following tie-breakers;
    1. Head-to-head competition
    2. Most wins
    3. Goal differential in head-to-head
    4. Total goal differential
    5. Least goals allowed
    6. Most goals scored
    7. Least penalty minutes
  20. All playoff games must have a winner, and the format will be as follows; 
    1. Tie after regulation will have one eight minute "sudden death" overtime period.
    2. Still tied after OT, a five man shootout will commence.
    3. Sudden death shootout will determine the winner.
  21. "Evaluation forms" will be available on the Senior homepage, the purpose of these forms is to give the captains and referees an opportunity to express any concerns, or compliments.  When submitting  one, be sure to remain as objective as possible, and not use them simply because your team lost and someone has to be blamed.  Every submission will be addressed as quickly as possible, after all parties have been contacted, the captain or ref will receive notice from the league on what actions have been taken.
  23. Finally, we realize that there are other leagues that you can participate in, and we sincerely appreciate you choosing Holiday/Leisure Molson Old Tyme Hockey League.  Our intent in setting forth these rules, is not to create more grief for your team, but rather, to ensure that there are standards by which all teams have to abide by, to help level the playing field.