Welcome to our
POWER PLAY Loyalty Club

All of our customers are eligible to register for our newly revamped PowerPlay program.  This program provides 5% Loyalty Cash per dollar spent with us at Holiday & Leisure Rinks. Make a purchase at the Rinks (just provide your Last Name), or through our website***, and you will earn Loyalty Dollars that can be redeemed on ANY item we sell or offer at Holiday Twin rinks and Leisure Rinks* (including ALL Hockey Shop, Grille and Rink Programs).  This a NO Cost program. 

Loyalty $ Earned on Program Registrations

*  Loyalty $ can only be redeemed at the Rinks.  Not valid for online purchases.
** Loyalty $ do not accrue on Ice Time payments, Senior Hockey payments, Pepsi Tournament, Broomball payments or Team Sales purchases.
*** Not yet a member and you make a purchase on our website ? We will automatically sign you up and apply your Loyalty Cash to your account.

 If you have any questions regarding the program contact us via email or visit our FAQ page 
@ TheHockeyShop@holidayrinks.com or call the rinks @ 716-685-3660 or 716-675-8992