Current Game Schedules 

Note: You must have a current, valid ID card in order to participate in any Molson Senior Hockey game.  If for whatever reason you have not received, or updated your card yet, contact Ron @ 685-3660 most days before 5:00 to make the necessary arrangements.  Note: you will not be allowed to play without an ID card, so please do not simply show up before your game expecting to have this taken care of, call ahead to verify the correct procedure.  Violators will be removed from the game, and the offending team will face a forfeit.


2010 schedules                                                            2010 standings                                                   2010 Scoring

Bald Eagles                                  Bald Eagles                             Bald Eagles

B Division                                     B Division                               B Division

C1 - Division                                 C1 Division                             C1 Division

C2 - Division                                 C2 Division                             C2 Division

C3 - Division                                 C3 Division                             C3 Division

C4 - Division                                 C4 Div                                    C4 Div

Novice Division                             Novice Div                               Novice Div

Weekend Division                         Weekend Div                           Weekend Div