The Hockey Shop FAQ's

What should I do if my One Piece Stick breaks within the 30-day warranty period?

Go to the manufacturer's website and follow their stick return procedure.  This policy is set up by all manufacturers.  Holiday/Leisure Rinks cannot exchange sticks broken within the warranty period. 

How many times can my skates be baked?

Three.  After the third time, the glue and stitching in the boot can break down.  If the skates were purchased at either Holiday or Leisure Rinks, your first baking is free.  Skates purchased elsewhere cost $30 to bake.

Where should I cut my stick down?

On skates, up to your chin.  Off skates, up to your nose.

When should I get my skates sharpened?

Generally speaking, sharpening should last between 5-10 ice times.  To tell if you need your skate sharpened, look down the length of the blade.  If you see knicks or gouges on the edges of the skates, your skates need to be sharpened.  After sharpening, you should notice a nice clean edge on both sides of the skate blade.  We take great pride in performing a professional skate sharpening each and every time.

What does thermoformable mean?

Most skates today are thermoformable.  Special gel located throughout the boot is heat activated.  As it cools, it will keep the shape of whatever is in it.  This provides a customized fit that greatly reduces break-in time.  Skate baking takes about 15 mintues total.  You will feel a noticeable difference in the heel and ankle of the boot. New advances in technology mean that you can wear your newly molded skates in about 1 hour after baking. 

Is there a difference between one piece and wooden sticks?

One piece sticks offer a more consistent flex with more "snap" for a harder shot.  Wood sticks provide a better feel of the puck in stickhandling and passing.  And, of course, wood sticks are much cheaper.