The 42nd Annual Dippin' Dots Spring Hockey League will begin in SPRING of 2017 Season and Everyone is invited to Join !! The league is open to both Boys and Girls.  With Beginner, Intermediate (House) and Advanced (Travel) players the league guarantees every skater an equal opportunity to play with equal ice time. The league is designed for ALL players to have FUN and at the same time improve their skills in Skating and Team Play. Note: All divisions will receive a FREE Player Evaluation-Rating session as part of the program.  

Announcing our WNY ELITE League Divisions!
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 Note: ALL Divisions in the 2017 Dippin' Dots League are NON - CHECKING.
This is a Skill Development League !

2017 Birthdates
Rating Night

Division 1
Half Ice

Jan 1,09 - Dec 31,13

 4 Practices
10 Games

April 2, 2017


Please Note**!!  Division 1 is designed for BEGINNER hockey players.  These would be players just starting out or that have LIMITED experience playing on a team.  If your skater has played for more than 1 year and has played for a house league team (other than a weaker C liner) then they should be registered for Division 3.  Players who are found in Division 1 that are too experienced will be moved to Division 3.  However if no spots are left in Division 3, then the player will receive a pro-rated refund. So if your skater is experienced please be sure to register for Division 3.

Division 2
Girls Only

Jan 1,01-Dec 31,06

3 Practices
10 Games

March 28, 2017


or Goalie Registration Here

Division 3
Full Ice

Jan 1,08-Dec 31,11

 4 practices
14 Games

April 2, 2017


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Division 4

Jan 1,06-Dec 31,07

 4 practices
14 Games

March 29, 2017


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Division 5

Jan 1,04-Dec 31,05

 4 practices
14 Games

April 1, 2017


or Goalie Registration IS OPEN

Division 6

 Jan 1,01-Dec 31,03

  3 practices
12 Games

March 27, 2017


or Goalie Registration Here

  • A minimum of 10 games will be played on Saturday or Sunday at either Holiday Twin Rinks or Leisure Rinks during Prime Ice Time so that Parents may attend the games. Practices will be held on various weekday evenings. All games will have 70-90 minutes of ice time.  After the Rating Sessions we will begin Practices and Games in April.
  • NEW !  Each Player will receive an official Dippin' Dots SPRING HOCKEY LEAGUE jersey and matching team socks as part of the cost of the program. 
  • There will be Make-Up Rating Sessions for Divisions 2, 4 & 6 on March 30, 2017.  And Divisions 1, 3 & 5 on April 3, 2017.
    (Note ALL players MUST attend one of our Rating Sessions or any player request will be VOID)
  • There is a $75.00 discount per player for the 3rd and each additional child from the same immediate family.
  • There will be NO deposits refunded in the Dippin' Dots league.  Players dropping out can receive a pro-rated GIFT card less deposit pd depending on circumstance.

The 2017 SHL Commissioner is Tim Driscoll

Have your Spring House League TEAM PARTY @ the Rinks.