Beginner FAQ 

How old should my child be before starting a Clinic ?
We recommend that new skaters do not start earlier than age four. Although some children are ready at 3 1/2 yrs most do better by waiting to age 4.  Others can wait until they are older.  the clinic accepts skaters up to age 12.
I have a daughter who wants to this the right way to get started?
Yes. Each season we have more and more girls playing ice hockey. Girls hockey is a fun and safe sport for your daughter to play. We have several girls registered in each Beginner Clinic we offer.  There are also Girls only teams offered by the Buffalo Regals.
Is the Beginner Clinic a learn to skate or learn to play hockey program ?
Many of our students have little or NO skating experience. Our Beginner Clinic emphasizes the basics of skating while ensuring that the skaters will have fun while learning. We will introduce hockey pucks into the instruction after a couple of sessions. We also offer more advanced programs for those who are ready for the next step. (Pepsi Kids, Spring Hockey League)
What should my child wear for the clinic ?
Dress your child in comfortable warm clothing for the clinic. This can include sweatpants and sweatshirt or a light snowsuit. The important thing is that the child is not bundled up "too tight". Don't forget to have winter mittens (with fingers) or hockey gloves!
Do we need any equipment ?
We start using pucks during week # 3 of the clinic, so all skaters should have a stick starting with that week. (Skaters may skate without a stick during the first 2 weeks). Those who have never skated before will most likely need to us a "walker", so a stick isn't needed until they're skating on their own.  When you are ready for equipment we offer a Discount Beginner Package.
Can I go on the ice with my child ?
We generally ask that parents do not go on the ice. This can serve as a distraction for your child. The rink provides between 5 - 7 highly qualified instructors for any given clinic. (depending on number of students)
After the clinic, what can I do next ?
Many of our skaters participate in a couple of our Beginner Clinics and then are ready for the "Pepsi Kids". The Pepsi Kids is a FUN beginner house league for ages 4-9 (Girls can be 10 yrs old) that offers more advanced practices, organized teams and full-ice games. In the Spring we offer Division 1 of the Dippin' Dots Spring Hockey League. this program is similar to the "Pepsi Kids" league and is open to 4-9 yr old beginners. Please ask any of our Pro Shop staff. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about these programs.