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Pre-Season Power Skating Clinic


Monday, August 2nd—Thursday, August 5th

  • Ages 6-9: 9.00am—10.45am
  • Ages 9-12: 12 Noon—1.45pm

The Pre-Season Powerskating program is a great way to get back on the ice and in shape before your season starts. Each session will start with a quick stretch/warmup skate.  Our instructors will work all skaters through challenging balance and agility drills.  To end the first hour each day, we will split up into small groups to work on more specific skills - including puck handling, shooting, and competition drills.  Each day consists of 1 hour on ice, then a 15-minute break.  Our last 30 minutes focuses on a variety of fun games ranging from cross-ice to full ice scrimmages.

(30) Skaters Accepted *  ONLY $179
(4) Goalies Accepted *  ONLY $49