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Leisure Rinks is the only "private" ice rink built in Western New York that has operated continuously since inception.

Note: You must have a current, valid ID card in order to participate in any Labatt Senior Hockey game.  If for whatever reason you have not received, or updated your card yet, contact Ron @ 685-3660 most days before 5:00 to make the necessary arrangements.  Note: you will not be allowed to play without an ID card, so please do not simply show up before your game expecting to have this taken care of, call ahead to verify the correct procedure.  Violators will be removed from the game, and the offending team will face a forfeit. 

2013 - 2014 USA Hockey information:

All players that registered in the fall of 2012 are covered until August 31, 2013. Online registration for the new season can begin April 2, 2013, and anyone registering will be covered until August 31, 2014. The new USA Hockey Fee will be $40 for all players/coaches.

2014 Labatt's Summer Season Schedule & Standings


The end of the season standings will be determined by the following formula:

1. Head-to-head competition

2. Most Wins

3. Goal differential in the head-to-head games

4. Total goal differential

5. Least goals allowed

6. Most goals scored

7. Least penalty minutes

All player must participate in a minimum of seven games (in a 20+ game schedule) or four games (in a 12-14 game schedule).  NO EXCEPTIONS!